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Category : Branding & Event

Client : Toyota

Agency : Intertrend Communications

Year : 2019

Toyota - AR Movie Star

How to make the audience part of the event?


Toyota is sponsoring the 2019 New York City South Asian Film Festival for the first time. The three-day event was held and organized  in a movie theater in central New York to promote the culture of Southern Asia, embracing different cultural perspectives and voices together.

How to bring out new features of Toyota Prius through movie events?

This time, we used the "imaginary movie" creative game play to design four unique movie themes, each corresponding to a Toyota Prius function, as an element to design a movie poster looks so real, viewers can understand the function through the movie title, text and its story.


In the end, people used Instagram AR filters to instantly enter the movie scene and become the main characters, letting everyone go crazy from offline to online!

Pack Man  -  AR

Pack Man  -  Poster & Sticker

Trail to Fortune  -  AR

Trail to Fortune  -  Poster & Sticker

Danger Dash  -  AR

Danger Dash  -  Poster & Sticker

Alien Pursuit  -  AR

Alien Pursuit  -  Poster & Sticker

Activity results

During the three-day event, people shared more than 1500 AR movie posters on their social platforms.


Client : Toyota
Head Creative Designer : Hsiu Chi Kuo ( Intertrend Inc. & Boring Lab)
Designer : Arim Han ( Intertrend Inc.), Wan Cian Huang (Rumu Innovation Inc.)
Account Manager : Jennifer Ha & Andre Wong ( Intertrend Inc.)
Project Manager : Sam Lo & Kinny Lee ( Intertrend Inc.)
Creative Technologist Director : Heng Sung (Rumu Innovation Inc.)
Creative Technologist : Pofu Lu (Rumu Innovation Inc.)