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Category : Branding & Event

Client : NIKE TW

Year : 2019

Event Planning : Red Pocket Design

Video : Computer Face

​Projection Mapping  :  Rumu Innovation

Hardware  : Meway Vision Engineering

Kirei - Music Hand Soap

『 Kirei—Making Life Beautiful 』

How to educate children to effectively wash their hands and stay away from viruses and bacteria?


Rumu Innovation built an interactive music hand soap dispenser for【Kao-The Clean Life Experience House】.

When a visitor press the dispenser, it automatically plays the "Washing song". Through a lively melody and instruction, hands will be just cleaned when the music is over!


Opening Dates: 2018/11/9(Fri) - 11/18(Sun)

Location: Huashan 1914 Creative Park (Mid 7A Exhibition Room)


* The blue tooth module and the "Washing song" App was designed and programmed by Rumu Innovation.

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