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Happy Farmer

In 2018 Taoyuan Agriculture Expo, Rumu Innovation developed an interactive installation – “Happy Farmer” for the Meteorological Showcase.

There were two types of wooden block on the interactive projection table, one is for the corps, and the other is for the weather. After sowing corps by placing blocks on the farm, the weather blocks can help them grow properly. When it’s done, a little farmer would come out and harvest!

Beware, if the typhoon or polluted PM 2.5 air passing by, the corps would be damaged! When the barn is full, little farmer would have a celebrating dance! A competition was designed to separate the farm into two sections, blue and red, to compare the growing and harvesting speed!

It is an edutainment, multi-player interactive experience that enables children to learn the connection between corps, weather and the pollution by playing this inspiring game.

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