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Future Lab - Kinect Interactive Game

Future lab interactive games use Kinect for motion detection and operation. Players can control the game by raising their hands, moving left and right, or other body movements. Players obtain different game elements to get scores, such as: getting a chemical beaker to add three points, hitting a rock to decrease five points, picking up gems can quickly get scores, which increase the fun of the game. 

This interactive device is a great solution for on-site activities, allowing any age of people to experience the game. After the game, you can get a personalized photo to keep as a souvenir, and it can be combined with the event bonus to increase the popularity of the event!


Game background

On the planet of Altsbay, the mission of the people of Altsbay is to explore various places to collect all kinds of happiness energy and return to Dr.owl's laboratory to formulate the secret recipe of happiness, but there is a tragic story on the planet...

A hundred years ago, Huake on the planet Dock wanted to destroy these happy energies, so he secretly took the energy and preparing to set Dr.owl's lab on fire! Before the Altsbay people could resist, the lab was already in flames, and the secret recipe for happiness was scattered everywhere.

One hundred years later, Bei-Bei, as the Captain of the Altsbay Star, decided to retrieve the happy energy that was destroyed in the past and led the crew to set out for archaeological research. The planet's hope depends on you. Help find the secret recipe for happiness!

Choose the character to start the game!


Raise your left or right hand to select a character
Run left and right to control the spaceship!​

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