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Dongmen Gate VR

The VR experience is based on artist Huang Zhichao's new painting “The East Gate" in 2019. It is transformed into a VR virtual reality. The audience is invited to put on a VR headset to enter the iconic East Gate scene depicted by his brush and unique styles.

During the experience journey, you will hear Huang Zhichao talked about his creative method, while he returned to Hsinchu after 50 years and the story behind his creation. At the same time, to be immersed into Huang Zhichao's fantasy world.

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▶ Exhibition period | 2019/10 / 03-12 / 29 9: 00-17: 00 (Free admission, closed every Monday)

▶ Venue | Hsinchu City Art Museum (No.116, Chung-Yang Road, Hsinchu City)

▶ Curator | Zhang Xin-Zhi

▶ Artists | Huang Zhi-Chao

▶ Hsinchu Collection Artists | Li Ze-Fan, Su Qiu-Tong, Chen Zai-Nan, Jiang Rui-Keng, He Zhao-Xuan, Cai Guo-Chuan, Liu Qu-Xu, Zhao Xiao-Bao, Huang Ming-Zhu

🔸Director | Ministry of Culture

🔸Organizer | Hsinchu City Government

🔸Contractor | Hsinchu City Cultural Bureau

🔸Curatorial Team | Henghe Art Creation

East Gate VR_0.jpg
East Gate VR_wall.jpg
East Gate VR_2.jpg
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