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Baby Shark Interactive Game

The Baby Shark Interactive Special Exhibition displayed on the 3rd floor of ATT Recharge in February 2020. Two of the interactive installations Baby Shark Homeland Cleaning (Interactive Projection Floor) and Baby Shark Singing and dancing (Motion detecting Interactive Installation) are Rumu Innovations Team production.

"Baby Shark Homeland Cleaning" has a lot of marine debris floating in the sea. Children can along with the baby shark to guard the ocean by stepping garbage on the screen! Every time a piece of trash is eliminated, the score which shows in the screen center will plus when it reaches 100 full-screen visual effects will show and enter the next scene. Children can continue to challenge the next scene!

"Baby Shark Singing and dancing" interactive device, when children enter the detection range of the Kinect, they can sing and dance with the cute baby shark, just like the scene of an MV shooting.
As long as they stand in front of the screen, the child’s portrait will real-time projected on the screen, cute accessories will randomly add.  Little note, clapping will trigger the special effects! 

The picture is super cute! Scan the QR Code to download the photos and take it home as a memory.

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