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The Art Of Bloom

Symbiosis is the theme of the debut installation of The Art of Bloom. Flowers have instilled in us great meaning and symbols. In turn, we cultivate flowers to help convey our deepest emotions, signal change and celebrate life stages. Humans and flowers are stimulated by one another, reacting to each other to learn and grow. Showers of petals, light, and sound will awaken our senses, and create a meditative space to connect to a deeper state of mind.


In this exhibition, we collaborated with interTrend to create an independent, simple, and clean space in the exhibition area. People can naturally explore in reality and imagination by downloading the AR APP.
Experience the symbiosis through augmented reality and use the concepts of air, water, soil, light and shadow, time, wind, and space to allow visitors to experience the various forms of nature.



The Art of Bloom


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